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Firewood Storage

There are several ways to properly store your firewood, but the 2 most important things to consider are keeping the wood off the ground and covering the top.

Your entire bottom row will get 'punky' and will be rendered useless if you don't elevate the wood off the ground. You will also reintroduce moisture to your wood pile if you don't add some sort of cover / canopy. I prefer keeping multiple sides exposed to the sun and wind to further the drying process.

Another consideration is how accessible your wood pile is from your home and your fireplace. Don't create more work than necessary and find a central location.

Burning dry wood is the most important part of maintaining a healthy chimney. Protect your investment and consider proper wood storage techniques.

The attached photo is of my wood rack I built last fall. I split my wood on the side of my property and have additional racks built to stage my wood. This is one of many examples of how to store your wood.

If you have any questions about your wood, please don't hesitate to reach out to us!

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