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How To Start A Fire

Updated: Mar 26

I prefer to light my fires using the top down method. The bottom logs are largest and they get smaller in size as you build a crisscross or log cabin structure upward. Make sure you leave space between each log to help airflow as the fire burns. Your kindling, twigs or starter material go on the very top and you light those with your heat source. As the kindling burns it will gradually drop embers through the spaces left between the larger logs and will help ignite the

logs when the fire is nice and hot. A proper top down fire should burn for awhile before it requires tending . The main idea is building a fire that will generate a lot of heat quickly without producing a lot of smoke. There are many ways to start a fire, but this is my prefered method on how i like to start a fire.

how to start a fire
Top down fire

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