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Will My House Get Dirty From A Chimney Sweep?


Sweeping a chimney can be a dirty job, but we take the necessary precautions to avoid making a mess. FIrst, we ALWAYS remove our shoes at the door. We put down floor protection roughly 5'x8' in front of the fireplace for all our gear. We also place a covering over the front of the fireplace to avoid any backdraft of soot and creosote. All debris is scooped into a bucket or removed using an industrial vacuum designed for sweeping chimneys. We use the latest and greatest technology to ensure your house stays clean. I'm a firm believer that you leave somewhere nicer than you found it, so we treat your home like it's ours. If your current chimney service isn't meeting your standard, give us a call! 248-251-9348

chimney sweep to keep home clean
Floor and fireplace protection for chimney sweep

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